Review Policy

This Choc-o-lit Chick is obsessed with reading, but I am required to keep up with the laundry and occasionally stop to eat a batch of cookie dough, among other distracting things that require my attention. With that said…

Genres: I typically review anything young adult (YA), but will diverge into new adult (NA) and some popular fiction. I do not accept nonfiction, elementary-level reads, adult high fantasy/science fiction, and erotica.

The Review: A thorough reading and review of a novel occurs within 10-14 days, but that comes with the disclaimer that things could be delayed based on what chaos is occurring in my life during that time frame. There is the possibility that books will be put on a waiting list and/or calendared. There are no promises that all books will be reviewed…or finished, for that matter. I reserve the right to SRH (stop reading here), pick and choose what I read, and when I read it. I enjoy sharing specific tidbits of the plot with the public, but will do my utmost to avoid major spoilers.

To request a review: I’m happy to accept print and eBooks. Please send the book title, book blurb, and a link to where I can find out more information about both the author and title request to the following address:

Timing: I post reviews once a week, typically Sunday evenings. I don’t email links of the review to the author, but I do cross-reference the goodness to numerous sites: Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest, and Twitter. When I’m not suffering from low blood sugar, I also repost to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

How it works: My system follows the 5-star recipe, except I stick with my annoyingly cutesy theme of chocolate. I also include other staples, like the title, author, genre, publication date, publisher, book description (as released by the author), setting, and my personal favorite things about the read, which can include, but are limited to characters, plot, and physical aesthetics of the book (cover art, etc.).

I may also include a “recipe variable” which lets readers know if the story includes certain ingredients that change the flavor on their palates. It is loosely based on the MPAA movie rating system; topics taken into consideration: themes, language, sex, nudity, violence, sensuality, adult activities. I also reserve the right to throw in an occasional .5 rating if I waffle between levels.

5 squares review copy5 Squares: It was so good that I passed out from a sugar coma.


4 squares review copy4 Squares: Tasty enough for seconds (like reading the sequel, yo’).


3 squares review copy3 Squares: I enjoyed this particular brand of goodness.



2 squares review copy2 Squares: It was okay; I powered through to the end of dessert.


1 square review copy1 Square: I took a bite, but…it definitely didn’t satisfy my appetite.


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