Random Decadence





cupcake 2

Great words to live by…

Calm Patromus Charm

cupcake 2

Sometimes, people hit the jackpot of pop culture. Nothing melts in the mouth more than a trifecta of literature, TV, and one fabulous tee shirt. Savor it, my peeps.



cupcake 2

It’s not on the air anymore (thank heavens!), but this still makes me chuckle.

Jersey Shore

cupcake 2

I have always loved, loved, loved pop-up books. This artwork makes my heart sing.

Book Sculptures 8Book Sculptures 2Book Sculptures 3

cupcake 2

Monday’s Sundae! BTW, Sundaes include all the toppings, which in the case of this Chick, means cool stuff, like tees, libraries, and literature-related products.

I LOVE this amazing tee shirt shop. Literary nerds need to check it out!



cupcake 2Coming Soon…

  • Empty Calories–pop culture
  • Good 4 You–quotes
  • Chocolate Wars–book vs. book
  • Sundaes–all the toppings: tees, products, libraries, etc.

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