Absolutely Oozing Goodness!

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Do you ever have one of those moments in life where you are utterly and completely content and satisfied? It’s kinda like snuggling into a perfectly indulgent comforter on a cool, rainy evening, or taking the first bite of a Ghirardelli salted caramel sundae. Absolutely heavenly. That, my friends, is how I felt when I opened the package I ordered from Briana Bryan, creator and owner of “My Name Painter” on Etsy.

I have purchased painted names in the past, one for each of my daughters. Those were limited to graceful sea creatures. Highly overpriced from a street artist in Las Vegas, but worth the expense due to the art’s unique and colorful presence framed and hung in their rooms.

Deciding I needed similar art for my classroom, I searched Etsy and stumbled upon Briana’s nirvana. Oh my. However would I choose? Sea creatures. Zoo animals. Disney princesses? STAR WARS CHARACTERS?! The choice was agonizing. Since my class room is decked out in a galaxy far, far away, I went with Star Wars. The magnificence of this find couldn’t possibly limit its awesomeness to one room, so I commissioned a second piece for my nerdy neighbor.

The unveiling of this sensational creation occurred near the end of the school year, but news travels fast when brilliance is found. The price was right (trust me! I just got back from Disneyland.), the choices vast, and the artistry phenomenal.

Briana’s talent, now proudly on display in two Idaho class rooms, is a splendor that will be gushed about for years to come. Thank you, Briana!!

5 Squares!!

5 squares review copy


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