Why you can eat a book from the center, then out.


Author: Emmy Laybourne

Genre: YA/Apocalyptic

Publication Date: June 5, 2012/May 28, 2013

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

Recipe Variables: violence, sex, nudity, language

In medias res. That’s a fancy-pants Latin term for in the middle. Is it okay that I’m starting my book review that way—in the middle of a series? I’m thinking the answer is oh yeah because from the perspective I’m taking, it’s ooey, gooey, and delicious, like eating a luscious cinnamon roll from the center to the outside. Nothin’ but goodness, people.

Let’s start with W-O-W. From the opening pages of book one, the story kept me on my toes. First of all, it was set somewhere different—Colorado—which doesn’t seem like an earth-shattering circumstance, but seriously, I’m tired of reading about all these fabulously gorgeous teens that frolic on the coast, be it Pacific or Atlantic. This is the hard-core West, my friends, and these peeps need that stoic western strength to make it through one epic thrill ride: hail storms, earthquakes, and chemical spills, oh my! The main character, Dean, journals the story for us from start to finish as he panics, protects, and of course, crushes on the beautiful swimming goddess that happens to get trapped in a superstore along with our goofy hero and twelve other school-age kids.

And holey doughnuts, people! Rarely does a sequel–especially the middle child–live up to the hype and expectations created by the first novel. Monument 14: Sky on Fire, does that and so much more. As in BOOM! baby. And in this read, that is literal AND figurative.

Some spoilers for part two…

Events pick up right where they left off from the first book, although there is a nice little transitional journal entry at the beginning in case there were readers crazy enough to snort powdered sugar…er…skip the first installment. This time Alex, Dean’s younger brother, shares storytelling duties with big bro, so we get a full-field view of what’s happening at the Greenway store and the bus on its way to Denver International Airport. We meet new, old, and surprising psychos, heroes, and characters throughout this apocalyptic tale.

This sequel was so finger-lickin’ good I’m keeping it around for another read—and trust me, I rarely read sequels, let alone keep them. This one isn’t just delicious, it’s DELECTABLE!

Rating = 5 Squares5 squares review copy


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