A Bit About My Reviews

How it works: My system follows the 5-star recipe, except I stick with my annoyingly cutesy theme of chocolate. I also include other staples, like the title, author, genre, publication date, publisher, book description (as released by the author), setting, and my personal favorite things about the read, which can include, but are limited to characters, plot, and physical aesthetics of the book (cover art, etc.).

I may also include a “recipe variable” which lets readers know if the story includes certain ingredients that change the flavor to their palates. It is loosely based on the MPAA movie rating system; topics taken into consideration: themes, language, sex, nudity, violence, sensuality, adult activities. I also reserve the right to throw in an occasional .5 rating if I waffle between levels.

5 Bars: It was so good that I passed out from a sugar coma

4 Bars: Tasty enough for seconds (like reading the sequel, yo’)

3 Bars: I enjoyed this particular brand of goodness

2 Bars: It was okay; I powered through to the end of dessert

1Bar: I took a bite, but…it definitely didn’t satisfy my appetite


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